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PVC Folding Door

The Speed Flex@ doors is  one of the new generation of high speed doors. Reinforced Aluminium or steel supports bar high density pvc fabric materials, special designate drum system serve to you every conditions.

This type of door is suited for larger size openings and is designed for heavy duty application. High operation speed-80 cm/Sec-standard, Serve to you energy saving, useful and durability system is reducing the noise. It is best assistance to block outside conditions (Dust noice,outdoor effect)

High-speed folding doors are offered many different versions, providing individual and customized system solutions for nearly every application requirements.


How it is work

 The Speed Flex@  is a high speed fold-up door that opens and closes using a vertical pack away operation, reinforced steel rail is special designed to reduce wind pressure also to supply robust system. It is covered powder coating also galvanised covering can be available. The door leaf is folded by industrial fabric belt. Motor and gear box is chosen for maximum efficiency.



All side rails and bottom shaft system is made steel materials. Support pipe is chosen aluminium or steel that is depend to application conditions and wind resist.



 Our standard fabric is heavy duty vinyl coated fabric. Tensile Straight 280N/5cm(UNE-EN-DIN 1421) tear resistance 70 N/5cm according to UNE-53357 it support long time and efficiency using even hard weather conditions.



System can be operated remote controller, radar, magnetic loop etc.


 Side rail have rubber seals each edge special designed pvc bottom pocket serve extra sealing.

Maintenance and Safety

 Safety properties are most important point at our system. Emergency stop, termic resistance, photocell safety system and extra belt is serve standard. Speed Flex@ is normally not required special maintenance process only need to check fabric belt against to any abrasions.and not need before 2-3 years.