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Low Speed Separator

The low speed roll up doors is designed for extra large area to closed with cost effective solutions.

Animal stable, landfill area, and suitable for different type applications need isulations with cost effective no need speed.


It is worked low speed and not appropriate to use oftenly. System is rised by shaft rotation. The engine, fitted inside of drum, turns drum and it rotates to steel drums.
Steel frame have  side rubber to improve sealing. Have excelent isolation properties cause of guid rail shape.
Fabric is used 600 dtx reinforced fabric each side economic life is aprx 15 years depents to working conditions.

 It can be applied also ventilation requirments at mining and Cow barn.

 We are limited by clients imagine.


Low Speed Interior Separator

The pvc roll up system is designed for interior applications. It is cost effective solutions to sparate two sections automatically. Tubular motor and photocell safety system serve ergonomic and safely using. Working speed is 20 cm/sec all rails and bottom system made from steel materials. It has wide using area for industrial zone.