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Hinged Lip

This system can solve your all standard requirements for loading unloading application. Standard dimensions supply enough slop to use fork lift and other lifting materials. Special requirements we can design and produce what you need.

Special designed lip and hydraulic system is blocked any crash and supply safety loading. Hose detonations valves supply extra safety to save person and ramp system. Reinforced top steel sheets is used without welding up to 3000 mm only our system have no welded top sheets. It is very important to supply strong system. Side safety tap blocked tightening. Design can be changed your special requirements.


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Dynamic loading dock leveller is designed for precisely compensating the differences in height between various lorry floors. 

It is cost effective solutions at your loading applications,using with this system the goods can be moved in or out of the lorry in a single horizontal movement.

Self cleaning adjustable hinges, Anti draft desing at your service. Standart capacity is 6000 kg at load can be desing acording to clients requirments.

Dock leveller have entensive range of model designed to improve security efficency and long time using(durability) at your facilities.

Mainly two model is used at world wide dimensions and capacity depent to clients requirments.


Comman Features

All system is produced steel materieals.

All system is operated with electrohydraulic driver

All system hydraulic cylinder is horned.

All dock leveler model is desinged easy installing assambling and Efficency.

All types of dock leveller can be installed pit mıunted-free standing also optional with tail litfs.

All types can be painted desired color also hot dip galvanised finish is avaliable

All types have anti draft (drop desing sheet) draft

All system is designed and manufactured acording to CE Norm


Maintanance and Safety

Dock leveller need low maintanace onyl painting when it need and change the rubber stooper at 2 years.So system is designed efficeny.

All dock levellers are equipped with automatic emergency stop,Emergency valves, paracuthe valves,and Rubber stoper.

Dock leveller also have standart dock interlock it is very imporant to save gate system and block personal accident.

Side hinged sheets is designed to block any accident at loading process.